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Candles and sticks

These candles cannot burn. If they do, then it means that everything will be gone.

The fennel stalk (enclosed in wax with an inadequate wick) is a device for thinking about Prometheus, who took fire from the heavens and gave it to the humans so that they would be able to live with some joy and less suffering. He carried it in the hollow stalk of the fennel. This is the only story of Prometheus I’m interested in. It’s the original one.

I wanted to see how a stalk of fennel would burn, so I gave it to the flame. The flame took it with a flash and a sigh, immediately, leaving the most delicate ash I ever saw. We are all burning up inside.

Part of the exhibition, Candles and Sticks, curated by Manon van Kouswijk and Allona Goren in August 2022.