Field, a collaboration with Chris Bond, is an open-ended investigation of the way we find meaning in things and events. (Marginal light) is its first presentation.

Installed at West Space in Melbourne, 10 April – 9 May 2015. An installation of objects found and made: book, egg tempera on board, video, audio recording of a voice speaking words from the book, acrylic on wood, oil and egg tempera on board, charcoal on canvas, oil on canvas.

Exhibition documented by Chris Bond and Chris Christo.

Installation shot: Empty target, egg tempera on board, Lynette Smith; drawing and the wing by Chris Bond


Empty target and the source of the video projection


Moths fluttering close to light, video with audio channel of a voice speaking words from a book, Lynette Smith


The book, found by Lynette Smith in the street open on a ledge, with no cover


The book’s cover recreated by Chris Bond