Field, a collaboration with Chris Bond, is an open-ended investigation of the way we find meaning in things and events. (Wooden cypher) is the second presentation.

Installed at Blindside in Melbourne, 6-23 May 2015. An installation of objects found and made: a wooden box, ink on board, oil on wood, wood, watercolour and gouache on board, 5-channel recording of a voice reading a text.

A collaborative text:

Exhibition documented by Chris Bond.

21 paintings, gouache and watercolour on board constructed into boxes, 5 audio recordings of voice speaking about the box, Lynette Smith; original box in the middle


21 boxes with the ‘inside of the box’ by Chris Bond on a shelf


The inside of the box, by Chris Bond, solid wood, oil paint, pastel


The action of opening a box, ink and watercolour on board, as if preparing for egg tempera, Lynette Smith


Open, close, preparing to paint; Lynette Smith (upper painting, ink on board), Chris Bond (lower painting, oil on canvas)